Mickey Mix Newsletter Vol. 1 Iss. 2

February 2016 Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 2

I just love that first week in May!  The heavenly and lush garden of Greenwich, Connecticut is springing to life.   Her most colorful and vibrant beauty revealed.

Always reminds me of the Peace Ride that we co hosted in 1989.  A couple  vans full of merry Muscovites escorted by the KGB and guarded by two Ruger Automatic packin’ sergeants from the Red Army land their private Aereoflot jet at JFK and proceed directly to  show up at my humble little sport shop one  late grey & rainy early May afternoon .

Amidst local dignitaries and regional press scribbling away, Mickey welcomes them with bouquets of flowers, champagne, Enya on the big speakers,  and a rousing call for world peace to be inspired by our brotherhood of sport.  On behalf of threads & treads, the young  & formerly shy shop owner opens his arms to  this innocent tribe on behalf of t & t, his beloved town of Greenwich, and the United States of America.

He suits them up with the finest threads and custom Italian Bicycles with gears they knew nothing of.  He teaches them how to shift and they are amazed at this new found higher power as they are with all things American, especially the Winklevoss mansion that first night (yes that Winklevoss- two little boys romping in a Play room with my sons  Matt & Mike, 2 little boys that would change the course of human history with an invention first known as Harvard Connect,  then co -opted into Facebook).

Mickey  leads them on their first leg to Bedford on their way to D.C.   Amidst a warm and suddenly sunny, colorful and buzzing warm spring day and Mickey spread PB &J sandwiches  with Lays potato chips,  he and his new Rooskie buds discover they both grew up in fear of mutual annihilation.  So silly these new friends in sport agree. So So silly.

The Russians prepare to head towards the Bear Mountain Bridge, but ask first for Mickey to deliver a card to Greenwich Hospital.  He slips it in his lime green Hind spandex skinsuit and pedals full speed  down North Street to  his appointed round.

Upon arrival at the hospital, he is greeted by 2 kindly grey haired Candy Stripers at the welcome desk and 3 keen eyed gentlemen dressed in black.  He reaches into his lycra clad  chest and the wary boys step forward as he removes but a get well card that he just now notices is addressed to a kindly and wise grandmother and mother.

Her last name is Bush.  After a knowing wink he is off like a flash  and wondering in amazement just what had transpired.

Two Weeks, a phone call to his old next door neighbor Mike Kroft looking for his big brother’s phone number to spur a national  TV news report, and 1 bottle of Stolichnaya later and Mickey falls in love with a Russian spy and well,   you know your history from 1989, that famous summer.  The wall came down – Yes that wall – in that infamous summer of 1989.

Just like that the cold war ended and our first cornerstone for world peace was laid.